why ahemdabad


The Epicentre for the western markets, We are set to host the 20th Bodywear Exhibition at the largest city in the state of GUJARAT, Ahmedabad
Gujarat It is the sixth largest Indian state by area and the ninth largest state by population. It is bordered by Rajasthan to the northeast, Daman and Diu to the south, Dadra and Nagar
Haveli and Maharashtra to the southeast, Madhya Pradesh to the east.

This makes Ahmedabad Boarded by more than 4 Major States & 2 Union Territory, and easily connected to over 90 cities across India.  

One Indian academic, Sedha Menon, compares the state--which has developed infrastructure more quickly than its domestic rivals--with Singapore and parts of Malaysia.
Per-capita incomes in Gujarat are more than twice the national average. India's seventh-largest city has a population of roughly 5.7 million and is expected, according to the U.N., to grow to over 7.6 million by 2025.

Ahmedabad is also the only Indian City to make it to the Forbes list of the Fastest Growing City of the Decade. With the rise in the literacy rate , the brand awareness of the locals and the super ease of doing Business in the State & City , & the ever growing Intimate Wear Industry of GUJARAT, Ahmedabad was a No-braniner to Host the Prestigious 20th Edition of BODYWEAR EXHIBITION. The Idea that Ahmedabad and Gujarat as the venue of the 20th Bodywear Exhibition is garnering order booking for the LONG SUMMER SEASON ahead..

The dates 9TH & 10TH March are just the right period of having the exhibition at Gujarat, which is the right time for the dealers and distributors to place orders.

Gujarat having the 3rd Highest GDP Ratio in India after Maharashtra & Tamil Nadu at 14.96 lakh core, and a PER CAPITAL INCOME OF 1.70 LAKH make Gujrat one of the largest ECONOMY IN INDIA.

With the recent efforts of the Gujrat Administration , the sale and purchase of textile & Garments as a whole is set to increase by 120% . Which will make Gujarat one of the Biggest apparel consuming state of India in the near future.

Register for the Exhibition has been closed.